Hand crafted Leather bags and accessories

It’s all about the leather

Vegetable tanned leather- What does this mean?

I work with vegetable tanned leather because it is more environmentally friendly than other leathers on the market.

The process of vegetable tanning leather is all in the name. It is an ancient process that uses exclusively tannins of a vegetable origin to meticulously show of the leathers natural beauty. Dipping the hides in barks, minerals and other natural elements can take months to produce, and like all things that are hand crafted are higher in value.

This process is gentler on the leather, so the fibres of the hide are more protected, resulting in a leather that withstands the test of time and has an enduring beauty.

What’s the alternative?

Chrome tanned leather. This is an incredibly fast and cheap method of turning out leather. It is usually completely uniform in colour with none of the natural grain showing through. This leather is robust in a very different way and will not patina with age giving a natural product, in my opinion an almost unnatural look. Unfortunately, it also uses more toxins in its process but on the positive side you get a vast array of colours.

Paula use Conceria Walpier tannery leather in her products, please do look them and see how amazing they are.


Paula sources her metal hardware from a variety of places from the UK to Canada and tests all pieces for longevity. Most of us have heard of YKK zips they are incredibly famous for their quality and strength. I am so confident in my fixtures and fittings I offer free replacement if any piece is faulty.

YKK Zips

I currently use Hainsworth Merino wool in only one of my bags, ‘The Bakewell’, although more will follow. Hainsworth is a premium woollen textiles manufacturer In West Yorkshire, England that was established in 1783 and has been weaving textiles into our history ever since. Supplying Royal Warrant holding textiles for apparel, Military and Interiors.


Fastenings and Fixtures

I source my fastenings and fixtures from several companies as they each provide something unique. I trust my suppliers implicitly and if you should ever have an issue with any fastening I will replace it free of charge.